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Open Thread: Witch Fails (or funny moments)

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

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Let's just imagine for a second ourselves performing a ritual: All runs smoothly; we snag items and recite incantations without missing a step. All elements flow into one another, without intrusion or accident, because you've perfected this. You waited all summer for this ritual, and mama, you got this. Right? Meh.

This one time, when I was younger (much much younger, I don't still do this, you know. Not now when I know better..), I was sitting close to a candle and zoning out. I have trouble still getting my mind to quiet down enough to meditate, so I was happy that I was finally slipping into that state. I was looking intently at the flame just to notice the flickers and the nuances in color.

It's at this juncture that I should probably tell you that old habits of drying and straightening my hair all of the time made for many fly-aways. Do we see where this is going? :(

I must have gotten myself a little too meditative because in mere seconds, I smell a strong burning scent, and hear a quick "SSSZZZ" sizzle sound as a few strands of hair burn like a fuse. I emerged out of that meditative state a little quicker and a little more anxious than I intended. I had to go to the bathroom to see if I still had eyebrows.

I did, but I'm sure they were in danger.

What are some of your witch fails or funny moments?

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