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Need a Samhain Ritual? We got you covered.

Samhain is arguably the most popular sabbat wherein we connect with the dead, honor and mourn the ancestors, collect and express gratitude for the third harvest, and prepare for a harsh winter ahead. With such a loaded, important sabbat, we're inclined to do our most time-consuming rituals now, but often we don't have time. While you can snag a full-fledged ritual and our ritual items, we want to offer an alternative ritual instead.

Offer any jet, onyx, tourmaline or apache tears on your altarspace or in front of you, and add a piece of quartz if you would like to infuse it with any current negative attachments or energies. Add to this the correspondences to the elements:

  • Salt, herbs or stones for Earth: jasmine, clove, nutmeg, pumpkin, oranges or orange peel work well. Selenite or celestite help one connect with higher beings.

  • Smoke from incense or a smudge: Air (this could also be from the candle representing fire if you're low on time or cash)

  • Oil or water outfitted with herbs or fragrances connected to Samhain: Water

  • A black and white candle for Fire

Around this, always place your protective circle. Ideally, the circle is big enough to fit you, but at least place the circle around your elemental offerings.

Recite the following opening:

In whispered chants and hurried words,

The elements that I conjure

Exhale a breath that's softer than death

as they begin their hurried saunter

Through the hollows they meet with moon

and join me in the feast

And then we all partake in dance

moon, south, west, north and east

I offer thanks for the hearty meals

the connections with the spirit

And when the energies move about

my veins, my mind doth feel it

They cleanse the negative, ease the pain

and divine for us what's unfolding

And if those premonitions are bitter

Our future we'll be molding.

You may sit and meditate after the ritual, or you may speak directly and clearly to an element. This is also the time to perform any divinatory work you may want to perform. You may also wish to instill negative energies currently held into the quartz, or encourage any jet, onyx or tourmaline to help you banish negative energies. However, the spell can be complete upon finishing the incantation.

Close the circle by clearly stating that unwanted entities who may have joined you must return to their own space. Allow any of your items on your altar to extinguish by themselves. Offer the salts and oil or water as a thanks, as well as any herbs you had used. You may bury the quartz, if instilled with negative energies, in the southern direction. And you can hold on to your infused black stones to promote the removal of negativity.

Our Samhain Ritual for purchase shares a different spell than above, as well as includes opening and closing incantations, and incantations for invoking each element in particular. Check out our ritual, and our kit here.

Samhain Blessings!

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