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Mini Money Spell

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

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It's Mabon, and we're focusing on being grateful for what we have and the harvest we've reaped. But sometimes there's still more needed, especially leading into winter when life can be a little harder. Below is a mini money spell to perform when time is of the essence, but we need to focus on gaining some prosperity.

For this spell, you will need any correspondences to money, like allspice kernels, an amethyst chunk, any turquoise stones, and any blue, green or purple candles, as these all are correspondences to prosperity.

Ideally, perform your incantation on a Thursday at dawn, when the moon is full or waxing. Create a circle wherein you can perform your magic. It is vastly important that you create this circle to keep negative entities from entering your space.

Step in the middle of the circle, sit in front of your altar and begin chanting in a quick whisper the following incantation:

I ask for abundance, for golden success

So financial worries are given to rest

Blessed resources for a hearty table

For cheerful memories and a home that is stable

I ask for your charity, no more than I need

If the moon doth will it, so mote it be.

As you speak, envision your words flowing out of your mouth and rising. Envision your palms or fingertips tingling with energy. Sit with your palm and fingertips facing upward and open, toward the moon. When you feel drained from energy or feel your intention was set, end the spell by repeating the following:

If the moon doth will it, so mote it be.

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