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Five Common Foods to Enhance Your Spellwork

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

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Utilizing the magical properties of herbs and flowers for magic is an extremely common practice in witchcraft tradition. (This is also true for non-witchcraft traditon, as many utilized garden plants because of their folk associations.) But herbs and flowers aren't the only seed-sewn options you have when adding correspondences in your rituals. Whether it's by eating the foods during pre-ritual or post-ritual meals, adding them to your altar as an offering or correspondence to an element or simply growing them, consider these 10 common fruits and vegetables when prepping for spellwork.


Onions are a versatile enchanted vegetable; they can be used for encouraging money and health but also for exorcisms and protection. In fact, sticking pins in a pearl onion or quartering an onion and setting it on a window sill can protect the home from evil, but they can provide this protection simply by being grown near a threshold of the home. The onion has been eaten to encourage lust and burned to encourage prosperity, and it is used in Imbolc (Candlemas) recipes as a symbol of the bulbs in the earth that are 'in the belly,' the very definition of Imbolc.


Tomato encourages prosperity by simply sitting it around, and if eaten, can encourage love. But the fruit's benefits are multifold because it meets an age-old magickal rule when growing: plant three red-toned plants, be it in the color of the fruit or the flower, and your garden will be protected from storms.


Cucumbers eaten can deter lust (which is funny, given it's appearance). But yet, the seeds promote fertility...which you would think you'd need one (lust) to encourage the other (fertility), but OK. When working with seeds in oils or waters, ensure that they are bone dry so you don't have a breakdown of the liquid sooner than you thought.


The lemon is a correspondence of the moon, so any moon-based ritual, whether you're asking for energy in a particular spell or engaging in esbat, can benefit from incorporating lemon into your ritual meals or drinks. It's even said that adding its juice in a bath or in water will help with purification of anything that sits in that mixture. For particular intentions, it's commonly used in love work.


Beans are great--and cheap--ways to dispel negativity and ward against negative energies and entities. This is true if you nibble it or carry it on you. You can also use these as a last-minute correspondence for strengthening love, be it for dispelling arguments or encouraging the feeling. What foods do you use in your work?

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