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The Tiny Cauldron Book Club brings practitioners together to chat about current or favorite craft-based books, be they narratives or how-tos. As a group, we choose one book and meet virtually every two weeks to discuss a portion. Every group is different, so we will select a way to discuss (YouNow, live blogging thread, etc.) with each other before our first meeting. Below you will see a form for current members to select meeting times and days, as well as the book we will read for the February 2019 book. If these options don't appeal to you, you can wait until the next book cycle (a few months). 

Would you like to join? Anyone can. If interested, first fill out the "Want to Join?" form below so we can add you to the list and send you updates. Any information obtained is only for book selection purposes. The Tiny Cauldron will never sell your information or use it for purposes not explicitly stated on this web site. 

Want to Join? 

What books are you interested in reading about?
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